JNcQUOI Comporta

JNcQUOI Comporta seeks to integrate its surrounding environment with this new spirit. Ocean, countryside, untouched nature, authentic food, entertainment, unique lifestyle and freedom. Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.

JNcQUOI Comporta is inspired by the spirit of our time. It is characterized by its personality and genuineness. A concept that is infused with a vision that values realness and revering authenticity.

The JNcQUOI Comporta project is currently under development. A unique and sophisticated place will be created, with local materials that reflect Comporta´s nature and culture.

It will be composed by Villas, Restaurants, Bars, Stores, a Tennis Club, a Wellness & Peak Performance Center, a Members Private Pool and a Beach Club. All in a beautifully recognized setting, with access to the extraordinary worldly renowned Comporta beaches and the one of a kind nature which surrounds them.



The Team


The timeless, elegant and detailed architectural and interior design by Vincent Van Duysen, one of today’s most influential architect and designer, achieving a perfect symbiosis of architecture and nature, form and function. Complemented with the fine light design of Oscar Nystrom, the wellbeing and performance holistic approach of Greg Payne and the energy balance and space healing of Alberto Amura.

All this in the beautiful surrounding of the seemingly untouched landscape, perfectly integrated by Vladimir Djurovic.

More information will be soon available or alternatively contact us via email [email protected]