Prime Partridge time has arrived!

From 6th to 14th November, taste a selection of JNcQUOI´s Avenida special dishes with the most wonderful Portuguese partridges, the perfect game birds.

About Partridges

Partridges are medium-sized birds, with a wide native distribution throughout Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. They are often reared in captivity to then be released for the purpose of hunting, an activity that still has great prestige in countries such as Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

These game birds have a lovely delicate taste, flavourful but not as strong as some other typical game animals, and are in season from September to the end of January, being at their best in October and November.



Pickled partridge

Partridge soup with gardener

Main Dishes

Partridge stewed in port wine, mushrooms, chestnuts and ham

Partridge stuffed with foie gras and morilles